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The Hon. Secretary

I desire to become a member of the Maharashtra State Angling Association, and in the event of being elected, agree to be bound by the rules of the said Association and any regulations thereof for the time being in force.

Dated this                 day of                       19      .

Name ___________________________________________________________
                                surname                       name                 fathers name

Address _________________________________________________________

Occupation _______________________________________________________

Telephone (home) _____________________(office) _______________________

Signature ________________________________________________________

PROPOSER ______________________ No._________

SECONDER ______________________ No._________

Entrance FeesRs.00.00
Annual Subscription - OrdinaryRs.00.00
Annual Subscription - CorporateRs.00.00
Annual Subscription - Visiting                                                           Rs.00.00
Annual Subscription - JuniorsRs.00.00
Identity Card   Rs.00.00
Car Sticker Rs.00.00

Total                       Rs.00.00

PROBATIONARY PERIOD: New Members are required to complete a 12 month probationary membership period at the end of which they can renew their membership fees or apply for Life Membership at the prevailent rates.