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Danio Malbaricus

Distinctive characters : Body elongate., compressed, subcylindrical. Abdomen rounded. Head moderate, blunt. Snout obtuse. Mouth anterior, cleft of mouth shallow not protractile, directed obliquely upwards, the end of the lower jaw in line with the dorsal profile. Eyes large, centrally placed. Lips thin and simple. Lower jaw prominent, with a knob at the symphysis. One or two pairs of barbers, rudimentary, or none. Pharyngeal teeth hooked. Dorsal fin inserted opposite interspace between anal and pelvic fins, nearer to caudal base than to tip of snout, with 7-19 rays. Anal fin with 13-20 rays. Caudal fin emarginate, lunate or forked. Scales moderate. Lateral line concave, complete, incomplete or absent, with 26-65 scaler, when complete. Body coloured with longitudinal bonds.

Distribution: Throughout India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. Burma. Thailand. Malaya. Sumatra. Yunnan, China.

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