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Orphronemus Gouramy

Distinctive characters : Body moderately elevated, compressed. Abdomen rounded. Head
short, compressed. Snout blunt. Mouth small, oblique, terminal, protactile. eyes moderate in anterior part of the head. Lips thin Jaws equal. Villiform teeth on jaws: Palate edentate. Opercle without a spine. A single dorsal fin inserted above of pectoral fin, with 11-14 spines and 11-12 rays. Anal fin with 9-12 spines and 19-21 rays. Caudal fin rounded.

Species: Osphronemus goramy Lacepede

Remarks: The male fish is known to build nests for its young hatchlings & eggs. Admirably suited for cultivation in small ponds in gardens & in plantations. It is a vegetable feeder and eats with relish, water lilies, grass & other flowering plants.

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