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Cirrhina mrigala (Ham. Buch.)

(Length up to 3 ft.)


Distinctive Characters : D. 15-16. L. 1. 40-45. Two barbels. Upper lip entire.

Differs from the White Carp in having 2 instead of 4 barbels. The length of the head is contained 5 -5 1/4 times and the height of the body 4-5 1/2 times in the total length. The eyes are situated in the anterior half of the head. The diameter of the eye is contained 3 1/2 -4 times in the length of the head.

Colour : Silvery ; dark grey along the back, sometimes with a coppery tinge. Pectoral, ventral and anal orange stained with black.

Two other species are found in the Deccan streams.

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