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Labeo calbasu (Ham. Buch.)

(Length up to 3 ft.)


Vernacular names : Kanoshi, Marathi ; Dai, Cutch.

Distinctive characters : D. 16-18. L. 1. 40-44. L. tr. 7 1/2/8 4 barbers.

Slate colour.

Differs from the Rohu in having a larger number of rays in the dorsal fin. There are 3 spines and from 13-15 rays. In some districts the adults have very elongated fins ; the first few dorsal rays reaching even to the base of the tail fins, the ventral touching the base of the anal while the anal fin when laid flat, reaches the middle of the caudal.

Colour : Blackish ; sometimes many of the scales, especially of those living in clear streams have a red centre. Fins black, occasionally the end of the upper lobe of the caudal is white.

L. calbasu grows to 4 feet in length.

Six other species of Labeo occur in Bombay.

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