It's Mumbai's own Lake District and it's being destroyed.
To help save it YOU need to act NOW!

The Union Ministry for Environment and Forests, the Maharashtra State Environment Department and the BMC have drawn up the following rules:  


* The dumping of debris and garbage along Adi Sankaracharya Marg is not allowed. In fact, it has been stopped and some of the dumped material has also been removed.
* The construction of a new road into Powai lake adjacent to the IIT boundary has been stopped and shouldn't be started again.
* According to the Environment Protection Act 1986, institutions, builders and hoteliers should not discharge effluents into Powai lake. Notices, too, have been issued to this effect.
* Quarrying, stone crushing and other activities which result in increased siltation of Powai lake are illegal.

At present, removal of weeds & Water Hyacinth in the lake is being carried out by the Maharashtra State Angling Association. MSAA is organising a massive clean up drive with the help of college students.
However, this is just the beginning - what is required is constant vigilance to prevent flouting of the rules and the continuation of the awareness campaign. You can help build up this campaign. You can help save Powai Lake.

Volunteers & NGO's willing to help can contact:
Vice President (Environment)- Mr. Arif Ally at 9821141886 /
Secretary- Mr. Gordon Rodricks at 6364270 / e-mail: /
Field Secretary- Mr. Rashid Khan at 5141817 / 5140515 /
Mr. Dominic Crasto at 8378483 / e-mail:  

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