(A guide to fresh water Aquarium keeping      - Gordon Rodricks)








     I recommend the following for the beginner: An aquarium without plants is dull and flat and does not provide the beauty & relaxed feeling that is intended to be achieved from the hobby-
1)      Plant half of the back from the left side with Corkscrew Vallisneria also known as Spiral Vallisneria, OR use regular Vallisneria also known as leaf grass OR use Saggitaria Subulata OR Saggitaria Latifolia.
2)      Plant the second half of the back with anyone of the Cryptocoryne family.
3)      Plant the left side with Water Rose OR Water Sprite.
4)      Plant the right side with Hygrophilia OR Ludwigia.
a)      You may use other plants as recommended by other Aquarists, but the above combination provides a good "MIX" and also provides the right kind of shelter for the fish.
b)      When you attend to the Aquarium you should snip off overgrown stems or decaying leaves.
c)      If the Aquarium plants are green all is well. If they turn brown they are getting too little light so increase both natural as well as artificial light. If too much of green moss grows on the plants they are getting too much light so cut down.
4)      Avoid using sand with marble chips and other forms of crystalline or amorphous limestone like marble, as plants may not do well, they may even die although the lighting is adequate.

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