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The Managing Committee has pleasure in announcing that the Annual Angling Competition will be held on Sunday 5th December 1999.The following rules will apply :-

1. Eligibility for Competition: The Competition is open to members and their families (children below 18 years, Visiting, Temporary Members, Annual Permit Holders) and Hon. Members. Only those who have paid their dues will be allowed to participate.[You can pay your dues in the morning].

2.Timing: Competitors may leave the Club-House for the Angling site sharp at 8;00 a.m. and must be back at the Club-House at 5:00 p.m. at the latest for weighing their Catch.

3.Tackle: Only one rod per participant is allowed. The maximum line strength is 7 kg. (15 lbs). Line testing will be at 7:30 a.m. A line tester will be provided this year.Prizes will be awarded for fish caught with Rod, Reel, Line and Single or Double Hooks i.e. standard tackle.Competitors using Treble Hooks or Hand Line shall be disqualified.

4. Angling/Ground baiting before Competition: No fishing will be allowed from 7:00 a.m. on Saturday 4th December, 1999. No Ground Baiting will be allowed from 7:00 a.m. on Thursday 2th December,
1999 up to the commencement of the Competition. Members fishing fishing in the lake on Friday 3rd December are required to
return to the Club-House by 7:00 a.m. on Saturday 4th December.

5. Help during fishing: Help for playing or landing the fish will be allowed only to ladies and children. Gents are not allowed to be helped.

6. Weighing of fish: The Club-House scale is the sole criterion for weighing all fish. Members in doubt about the weight of their Catch are entitled to ask for a re-check.

7. In case of a Tie, the Trophy will be awarded jointly and shared for six months.

8. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded only to the heaviest fish taken on the Competition Day for the following sections:

i) The Trophy for the most outstanding Catch of the year in waters other than Powai Lake i.e. WANDERERS CUP

ii) The MR. F.H. KANCHWALA Trophy in memory of Mr. M.H. Kanchwala for the heaviest fish caught by a lady.

iii) The MR. ARIF ALLY Trophy in memory of Mrs. Q. Ally for the heaviest fish caught by any participating child below 18 years.

iv) The MR. RASHID KHAN Trophy for Catla.

v) The MR. M.N. SIDDIQUI Trophy for Chilwa, Orange Chromide, Eel, Karba, Cat Fish or Gourami.

vi) The HAROON RASHID Trophy for Rohu.

vii) The MR. ABDUL REHMAN YUSUF Trophy in memory of Sir Mohamed Yusuf for the largest number of Major Carp.

viii)The MR. NAUSHAD ALI Trophy for heaviest Mirgal.

ix) HAYES MEMORIAL Trophy for Silver Carp (second heaviest).

x) The CIEL MEMORIAL Trophy for Tilapia.

xi) The MSAA Trophy for Calabose or Second Heaviest Tilapia.

xii)The MEHMOOD KHAN Trophy for Hybrid, Bekti, Masheer or Megalop.

xiii) The CAESER D’COSTA Trophy for Silver or Chinese Carp (whichever is heavier).

xiv) The SHAFIQ SIDDIQUI Trophy in honour of Mr. Rais Ahmed for Lady - Max. Number.

xv) The SHAFIQ AZMI Trophy for children - Major Carp.


a. If any particular fish is not caught, the Committee may award the
unclaimed Trophies to other Catches as it thinks fit and at its discreation to ensure maximum possible distribution of prizes. The
Committee is the sole authority in deciding awards of this nature and no dispute will be entertained.

b. Some Trophies are damaged. If they cannot be repaired they will be withdrawn from the above list and scrapped.

9. A member who is not participating in the Competition is not allowed to fish with a Competitor in the same boat.


11. Competition Fees: The Competition Entry Fee of Rs.75/- for gents. Rs.50/- for ladies and Rs.25/- for children WILL BE COLLECTED AT THE CLUB-HOUSE ON THE COMPETITION DAY.

12. Use of Machans and Boats: Members who own Boats and Machans and, are not able to attend the Competitio may please permit the use of their Machans and Boats by others on this day at the discreation of the Committee who will allocate them. Members who do not wish to allow their Boats or Machans to be so used for the Day should specially inform the Field Secretary/Secretary at least 3 days in advance and keep them informed of their inability to oblige. Please co-operate in this respect so all who attend can have angling facilities on the Competition Day. Boats will be allocated on ‘first come’ basis @ 3 adults per boat. At 11:00 a.m. private Boats and Machans which are unoccupied will be allocated.

13. Donation of Cups/Trophies: Members who wish to donate Cups, Trophies and other prizes oor gifts should please contact the Hon Gen Sec on immediate receipt of this Circular, subject to Terms and Conditions specified.


1. In case fthe permitted weight of fish of a species is not landed, an
undersize fish of that species will be accepted.

2.To qualify for the ‘WANDERERS CUP’, members are requested to send details of their Catches made outside Powai Waters. This should include photographs and a bried write-up to reach any of the above before 21st November, 1999.

3.Members participating in the Competition are required to please carry their current Identity Card/Angling Permit with them and produce them while paying their Competition Fees at the Club premises. Annual Fees will collected at the Club-House on the Competition Day upto 7:30 a.m. on 28th November, 1999.

4. A member temporarily out of Bombay will be eligible to participate in the Competition with members of his family on payment of the fees provided the annual subscription up to 1999/2000 has already been paid.



Please come with your family and we wish you,



Sincerely yours,



9th November, 1999


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