Shri. Naushad Ali 38KB
Catla- 19kg 43KB
Silver Carp 53KB
Silver Carp 42KB
Golden Silver Carp 60KB
Mr.Shariff Ansari-1997 28KB
Mr M. A. Ghani-1997 Wanderers Cup 27KB
Mr Gordon- Cyprinus Carpio- 4kg 40KB
Mr Gordon- Largest Calabose in 10 yrs 26KB
Mr Gordon- Rohu-Catla Hybrid- 5kg 23KB
Bekti (Khajura) 49KB
10kgs Mahseer -Mohamed Ibrahim 24KB
8kgs Mirgal -Haroon Rashid with guest 35KB
16kgs Silver Carp (1996) 39KB
6kgs Rohu -Mustafa Azmi 37KB
Veterans, Not so long ago 20KB
Anita Rodricks-Heaviest catch by a lady 27KB
Cup for the largest Catla -15kgs 30KB
Shafiq A. Siddique -1st of 3 in a row 31KB
Shafiq A. Siddique -2nd of 3 in a row 29KB
Shafiq A. Siddique -HAT TRICK 28KB
MSAA staff..... immersion activities 41KB
Banners creating civic sense 37KB
Yearly Ritual 31KB
An appeal 41KB
The "HARVEST" is rich..... 7 KB
.....but the "LABOURERS" are few 40KB
MSAA doing its best 36KB
Fields of Water Hyacinth 46KB
Far & Wide 30KB
Spreading all over 33KB
SOMAIYA College students helping.. 49KB
Operation CLEAN-UP 55KB
34KB Biggest catch of '99
33KB 3rd largest catch'99
32KB Shafique Azmi Trophy
27KB M.N.Siddique trophy
34KB Thums Up Trophy
32KB Top Three
30KB Kaachwallah trophy
33KB Faizal Aziz trophy
26KB NAUSHAD ALI -Chief Guest
28KB Naushad & Maroof Siddique
29KB Game Fishing
49KB Better future?
26KB Miles to go....
31KB ....before we sleep
42KB Vested interests
46KB Daylight Roberry
42KB A gory sight
73KB How can we stop this
35KB I am sorry too
24KB Time, Effort & Money all in vain?
43KB Can anyone tell us what is happening
39KB do YOU have an answer
28KB An Elephant takes a dip
32KB Annual Gathering
33KB Our PRESIDENT - Our guiding force
24KB Ex. Police Commissioner Mr.S.V.Baraokar
39KB Ex Municipal Commissioner S.S.Tinaikar
65KB President & Secretary
39KB Sowing for the future
147KB MID-DAY 24th May'99
53KB State of affairs
56KB Need we say more
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